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The Incredibles (2004)

HornBlower IMDB РHoratio Hornblower: The Duel (1998) IMDB РHoratio Hornblower 3 (2003) IMDB РHornblower: Mutiny (2001) IMDB РHoratio Hornblower: The Wrong War (1999) IMDB РHornblower: Duty (2003) IMDB РThe star: Ioan Gruffudd YouTube  season 1 videos

HornBlower – TV Series

3 Ninja Kids IMDB WikiPedia YouTube – Trailer YouTube – Movie YouTube – Movie Fransis Dubbed Watched: FULL * lots of times

3 Ninja Kids – Movie

Bruce Lee Brief Demo This is a brief demo on Bruce Lee “Perfomances”(IE Shows and acting). The point is to show how act is not¬† real life and it can be seen on every move. Every player responds in a split of a second to do the right move so […]

Bruce Lee Brief Demo

Psycho Pass – Anime IMDB WikiPedia MyAnimeList IGN MS Store Wikia Watched: Full + Movie Comments: Too much fiction in one movie but it works.

Psycho Pass – Anime

Ergo Proxy – Anime IMDB AnimeNewsNetwork Amazon Watched: Full Comments: Great but to me a bit cryptic. Good SoundTrack.

Ergo Proxy – Anime

Claymore – Anime IMDB WikiPedia Watched: Partial(unknown, lost in memory)

Claymore – Anime